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Mapiq’s favorite offices all around the world

In the recent years, the smart office and the way we use it have undergone a massive transformation. Flex-, activity-based and agile working are keywords in this revolution, meaning that employees are given the power to choose when and where they work. Office spaces are now designed to support this flexible work and maximize utilization. At Mapiq, these offices are our playground. Implementing Mapiq in a well-thought-off design is our dream job. So hereby a tribute to our friends from architecture and interior design companies. Thanks to you we have something great to work with. Five of our colleagues are excited to share their favorite office with you. See here, our 5 favorite smart offices all around the world. What’s yours?

Esmeé van Vliet
by Esmeé van Vliet
Smart office The Edge
This ground-breaking office building in Amsterdam is one of the most innovative and sustainable buildings in the world

Bloomberg, London

A building designed to encourage cooperation and collaboration”, that’s what the Bloomberg HQ in London states. Yvette Siemer, our Project Manager is a big fan of this office. “The Bloomberg HQ in London is my favorite smart office. The office uses natural ventilation. Based on weather conditions, the building’s façade blades can open and close. That way, you never have to bring a sweater during the hot summer months!” And well... we couldn’t agree more with Yvette; the office looks impressive too.

KPMG, Pont Rouge

Our Project Manager Sebastiaan Prause travels every month to the most remarkable offices all around the world. And when we asked him this question, he started naming offices like the alphabet. But we were able to pick one: the KPMG HQ in Pont Rouge. “Maybe it is because I love Switzerland, but the office has this unique Swiss feeling. The design is very sleek. The workplaces are perfect to work activity-based and one big plus is that they use Mapiq, of course. But when I am there, I always like to go to the rooftop terrace. You can see the Alpes!”

Goede Doelen Loterij, Amsterdam

The ‘Goede Doelen Loterij’ HQ in Amsterdam brings Yannick Kok, our Sales Developer back to nature. Yes, nature! “The office has the ultimate balance between design and smart technology. When you walk into the office, the first thing you’ll see is a giant shape of a tree. Like you’re walking right into the forest. The tree covers the entire roof with leaves, regulating how much sunlight will get into the building. But even the windows collect energy from the sun.”

Galaxy SOHO, Bejing

Anne Wernand, our Marketing Manager picked one office that really stands out. The Galaxy SOHO in Bejing is not just any office. “Zaha Hadid developed this spaceship looking structure which is nothing like you've ever seen. I always love the talk Ulrich Blum during WORKTECH about the design of these buildings. The Galaxy SOHO building contains four main rounded structures, fused together by bridges and platforms between curving floor plates to create an environment that surrounds a series of public courtyards and a larger central canyon. The lower three levels of Galaxy SOHO house are public, you can find retail and entertainment here. The levels immediately above provide offices. And at the top of the building, you can find bars, restaurants, and cafés.” Well, that’s even more than just an office…

The Edge, Amsterdam

Where it all began… Mapiq’s first big project five years ago was Deloitte! This ground-breaking office building in Amsterdam is one of the most innovative and sustainable buildings in the world. So, we can’t really expect our CEO Sander Schutte to name another office. “The Edge is designed with an open layout, and self-sustaining architecture. The form of the building brings natural daylight to most of the workspaces and part of the building is equipped with solar panels. A big thank you to Ron Bakker for designing this awesome building.”

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