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How to help employees embrace change in the workplace

Maybe you’re almost ready to go back to the office, or you’re about to launch a new work concept. But changing to a new way of working with only a few new rules, doesn’t do the trick. You have to make sure that in the long run, the new work concept becomes a part of the company culture, even though employees might now be working from home more often. Smart technology can play a big role in this –not just to lower the bars for employees to try out the new workspaces– but it can also help to create short- and long-term wins. How can you make sure smart technology helps employees adapt to a new way of working faster?

Bastian de Graaf
by Bastian de Graaf
Smart office technology
How can you make sure smart technology helps employees adapt to a new way of working faster?

Create AHA-moments

First, let’s start with onboarding. Onboarding smart office technology means the process of familiarizing employees with new products and services. This can be a challenge, because as human beings, we don’t embrace new technology instantly. But if onboarding is done right, it can set you up for success. We believe in creating AHA-moments for employees:

  • Find out which problems employees experience in the current workplace. Can those problems be solved with smart technology?
  • Identify the behavior patterns of employees. How are they fixing the problems now? For example, asking their manager if there is still a spot left to work in the office
  • Prioritize these problems and focus on them in the onboarding
  • Make sure the smart technology that solves the problem is visible during the day, at multiple places and multiple channels, where the behavior is shown. Six times’s a charm in this case.
Creating these AHA-moments will increase the chances of employees using smart office technology again, because they experienced how it can work in their favor.

Aim for short term wins

After the first AHA-moments are created, aim for the short term wins. Short term wins will quickly provide evidence for employees that the new technology is worth the change. It can also reduce doubt about the work concept. How can you create short term wins?

  • Make sure you’re ready to make some small changes in the workplace. Think of adding phone booths, making meeting rooms more spacious, or changing the purpose of meeting rooms to better match the employees' needs
  • Find influencers in the company that have adopted smart technology and make sure they have an (online) place to share their experiences
  • Take surveys before and after the new work concept to discover the impact of smart office technology
  • Determine the milestones you want to achieve, for example, 1000 bookings (social proof!), so you can celebrate and communicate
  • Schedule reactivation campaigns in the upcoming months, based on the feedback of employees.

Everyone you can retain or reactivate over time will have a bigger impact on your retention rates later.

Achieve results in the long run

If the onboarding has gone well, and the smart office technology is being used by employees frequently, it’s time for the next step. The long term wins. After all, humans tend to slip back into old patterns. But how do you keep track of your progress in the long run? You need vision and planning. Long term wins can only be created when there are clear goals for the work concept. You can for example:


  • Make sure the workplace still fulfills the needs of employees. You can keep improving the workplace by using measurement tools. For example, Leesman can do more in-depth research about the productivity of the workplace and employees. You can combine that data with the data from the smart office technology.
  • Focus on the workplace well-being of employees. You can measure your workplace and achieve certificates, but the real value lies in combining the data from your office, smart technology and employees, to make sure you have a workplace that’s ready for the future.

A clear vision upfront makes sure you can measure the impact of the new work concept and easily see the value smart technology can bring for employees.

Smart technology in your office

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