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How to build the perfect team for workplace change management

The office and the way we work is changing rapidly. Activity-based working has already entered work-life years ago and is here to stay. As a smart office platform, our focus lies on the employees in these modern offices. And as a member of the Customer Success team, I’m passionate about supporting this change. In these transitions we often see technology playing an important role, meaning good alignment is beneficial. But how can we make sure such changes are not just initiated, but will be anchored in the work culture of an organization? A good team can set you up for success. But how do you build the perfect team?

Bastian de Graaf
by Bastian de Graaf

Adopt a new way of working

Switching to activity-based working is often driven by benefits such as a more productive workspace or optimal use of the office. But employees may wonder things as: are there enough workplaces? Where can I find my colleagues? Where can I meet? On top of that, employees like their routines. So, changing this can be very challenging and a new way of working is not adopted overnight. Employees are often going through a change process at their own pace, which makes change management difficult, as every phase has its own approach.

Workplace change management
Employees are going through a change process at their own pace. The Kubler-Ross Change Curve

Create the perfect team

So, embracing a new way of working can have a huge impact on employees. That’s exactly why you need a team to guide this transition. A delicate balance between leading and managing is required. And on top of that, you need formal and informal leaders to improve your chances of success. We often see that adopting a new way of working is more successful when the right people are on board. So, when implementing smart office technology, next to the usual suspects, we advise you to consider:

  • People with formal power within the organization like facility managers, IT managers and HR managers
  • People with the right expertise about change management like process managers, change managers, workplace specialists or behavioral psychologists
  • People with a good reputation within the company like influencers, people within work councils
  • People with leadership skills like soft skilled executive managers, strategic consultants.

Workplace change management
Making sure everyone is in harmony will enhance your chances of successful implementations. The Leading Change model from John P. Kotter

Make activity-based working work

Now that you’re set-up, teamwork within this team will be the fuel that drives the change engine. The team needs to trust the process and all support the common goal. This combination between a goal, trust, and the right coalition will be the key to a successful change.

The new way of working at DHL

An example of a successful implementation of activity-based working is DHL Consulting in Bonn, Germany. Last year we’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jana Koch, partner at DHL Consulting to discuss their whole new office space.

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