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How technology can help the work-life balance

From the managers' perspective, technology in the workspace kills productivity. Especially when we're considering millennials: growing up with distraction all around, finding time to focus can be hard. Technology makes the fine line between work and life even thinner. During work time, millennials answer private emails or texts. And during private hours, they answer emails from work. Although some argue that technology has negative effects on the work-life balance, some serious arguments are made to show a positive side to it.

In this third viewpoint on winning the war for talent, we'd like to help you make the most of your millennials' work-life balance. Let's see how technology can help, or even improve this much-needed balance.

Anne Wernand
by Anne Wernand
Technology work-life balance
With technology, you can grant your millennials' wishes, while maintaining a high level of productivity and accountability

What is a work-life balance?

The idea of splitting one's time and energy between work and other essential aspects of their life, is called the work-life balance. For many employees, it's a daily challenge. Mainly because most experience a personal, professional, and monetary need to achieve. An excellent work-life balance reduces stress, and as an employer you can help to create the right balance.

What are the disadvantages of the work-life balance?

When companies encourage work-life balance, they often implement the following measures: allowing for schedule flexibility, allowing employees to work from home or granting leaves quickly. The workplace itself displays this same sense of freedom. Employees don’t have fixed desks, teams are agile and office hours tend to be flexible. While this can improve the work-life balance, it can also result in a lax attitude. Not everyone can handle more freedom. So, make sure you check the stats for productivity, ownership and accountability. Technology can help you do so.

... And the benefits?

The benefits are huge. If you're looking for the answer to having happy millennial workers, this is it. Millennials love taking matters into their own hands.

So, how can technology help?

With technology, you can grant your millennials' wishes, while maintaining a high level of productivity and accountability. How? By following these three steps:

1. Let millennials decide: what is the best time to work from home? 
Sure, working from home is an option. Especially after checking via apps whether or not (favorite) co-workers are at the office. But it’s not the only way to help the work-life balance. Make your office space feel like home too. Your employees might not feel the need to work from home after all, if they already feel like home while being at work. Technology, but also your office space design, can bring your employees together and make co-working effortless.

2. Provide for room-booking apps 
One major issue in our workspace nowadays is stress. And not just because or work-life situation is out of balance. It's because millennials are trying to multitask pretty much everything. Because they grew up with direct messaging, social media and smartphones, anything they do gets combined with communication. If you want your millennials to focus properly, provide for the necessary technology, such as room booking apps. Employees can find room to focus through these apps, such as phone booths, or small focus areas. The easier it gets to book these rooms, the more time for focus your teams have.

3. Turn the tables: work from home, relax at the office
As a manager or boss, you can help your millennial deal with work-life balance as well. Not just by providing the apps, but by allowing your workers to relax whenever they need to, at the office. The same apps that are used for focus time, can be used to find a relaxing spot. Make sure you implement these relaxing spaces and facilities, and we’ll guarantee you happy millennial workers.

So, while technology might seem a distraction to your millennials, technology can also work for you. Find the perfect room booking app, and set clear goals with your millennial team. Trust them to get their work done, even when working remotely. And create the ideal environment for your millennials to thrive. Let's win the war for talent.

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