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From the need for innovation to the needs of employees

As promised, December is all about our smart office story. Starting five years ago, at the kickoff of our very first corporate project: The Edge of Deloitte. Back then, I was one of the two software developers at Mapiq, responsible for building the smart office platform that is now running at our clients worldwide. A lot has changed in the past five years. What have we learned?

André van Dixhoorn
by André van Dixhoorn
The Edge
A lot has changed in the past five years since our first big corporate project, The Edge of Deloitte, but what have we learned?

Supporting collaboration

From the start, our product was set-up in a modular way, that allowed us to build new features quickly and release them at high speed as well. This meant that we could improve our product almost on a weekly basis, making it a better fit for office life. Specifically, for Deloitte we developed new features that still exist today. One of them is the well-known colleague finding. This feature is now implemented at almost all of our customers, making it possible for employees to find their colleagues within the office, while supporting the need for collaboration.

Integrations proving their worth

But besides supporting collaboration between colleagues and teams, we love to collaborate ourselves. We believe that creating an ecosystem of collaborators is necessary when you want to benefit from the effects a smart office could have. In fact, Deloitte was the first customer where we integrated the functionality of existing solutions – which they were already using – into Mapiq.

For example, our collaboration with Vecos, a locker party from the Netherlands. Employees can find available lockers in the office and open them with Mapiq. In addition to the locker feature, we integrated with Axxerion for room booking and AVEX for control of audio and video. The good news of those integrations is that they are still being used in other products today, proving their worth.

Better understanding of office life

With five years of experience in the smart office world, also comes lots of knowledge about what employees need in the office to support activity-based working. This expertise helps us to build our software to more specific daily office tasks, making office life simple. After all, we were the first in the industry. This made us build our software in a very generic and modular way, ready to anticipate to the needs of the future.

A great day at work

At Mapiq, we believe that we can learn a lot from what is often referred to as the hype cycle. Five years ago, the world of smart offices was mainly driven by a technological push. But nowadays, customers are much more aware of their needs and they are looking for solutions to solve their problems. The decisions made today are less driven by the urge for innovation. But rather the need for a great day at work, for all employees. And that’s what makes us tick every day.

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