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3 ways to help employees embrace activity-based working

Quite often we hear doubts about activity-based working. Even though the concept has proven to lead to more productive employees and better use of the office space. Still, somewhere along the way, it goes wrong. Sometimes that’s in the implementation phase. Creating flexible workplaces isn’t enough. You have to make sure your employees are involved and informed to get the benefits. But how to? Today we have 3 tips to help employees embrace activity-based working. Let’s start with management!

Esmeé van Vliet
by Esmeé van Vliet
Flexible workplaces
Creating flexible workplaces isn’t enough. You have to make sure your employees are involved and informed to get the benefits

Lead by example

If you’re in the transition towards activity-based working, the management has to get out of their individual offices. Explaining all the benefits to your employees about this concept really doesn’t cut it if you don’t show it yourself. The management needs to make the first move and promote the concept. After all, we don’t like to do what we’re told, but we like to copy behavior. You can help the management promote this concept by, for example, a message on your internal communication channels or letting them host a presentation about the new way of working.

Internal communication

Now let’s stay at the internal communication topic. If you’re moving towards a new office or redesigning your current office, there might be a lot of information that you want to share with your employees. And when there is a lot of information, there is a big chance not everybody reads eeeeeverything. So, make sure your communication is concise and activity-based working is always a part of it. The communication doesn’t have to be just digitally. Maybe you have to put up signs in the office the first few months or spread folders. Just make sure that whatever channel you pick, your information is being seen repeatedly.


Last but not least: empower employees by letting them be part of the transition. Employees want to be involved, and that doesn’t only benefit them, it also benefits the company. Because you know exactly what it is they want. You can start with, for example, an activity-list. Then you can organize co-creation sessions where employees can share their ideas and concerns about the (partly) new office. And if the concept is implemented, you can host weekly meetings where employees can join if they want to. Making it easy for employees who work remotely to join. It’s important to let employees speak up. However, of course, not all wishes can be granted. In the end, the company decides, but you have to involve them and be transparent.

Activity-based working at DHL Consulting

Recently, DHL Consulting made the change to activity-based working and designed a whole new office space. Jana Koch, a partner at DHL Consulting, told us all about how they involved employees in this mission. Read the full interview here.

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