Nov 17, 2020 in Product

The office capacity calculator every company needs to safely reopen the office

Organizations worldwide are struggling with providing a healthy and safe work environment for employees. Businesses wonder: How is the crisis affecting working conditions? How can we keep the required social distance in the office? How can we make employees feel safe? If you ask us, the office is a sacred place that we cannot wait to get back to. For that reason, we build our very own office capacity calculator. But, what is the science behind it?

Bram Durieux
by Bram Durieux
office capacity calculator
With our office capacity calculator, you can determine workplace capacity, assign desks and save valuable work-time.

The idea behind the office capacity calculator

“The pandemic made us miss collaborating, socializing, and meeting with colleagues face-to-face. For most of us, trending concepts, such as quarantine and isolation were unfamiliar – if not unknown. Following any physical distancing guidelines inside the workplace was once unimaginable, but now is daily business. Listening to the challenges around new office capacity regulations, we decided to come up with a solution: the office capacity calculator.”

Solving a time-consuming challenge

“A new office capacity means a lot less available desks. But manually measuring the new distance between desks is a time-consuming process. Imagine looking at a handful of floorplans. Next to that, assigning desks to individual employees can be a challenge. For that reason, we wanted to make sure the new reduced office capacity is used as efficiently as possible.”

How it works

“Our office capacity calculator helps design the optimal floorplan based on your social distancing rules. Using your existing floorplans, our office capacity calculator provides the most efficient floorplan, covering different social distancing scenarios (1, 1.5, 2.0 m). 

You import an existing floorplan, define a safe distance and the office capacity calculator does all the hard work. The result is a clear floorplan where you can see exactly which workplaces can be used. With this smart calculator, you save valuable time and resources while easily defining a new office capacity.”

A safe floorplan in less than 5 minutes

“You may wonder: why shouldn’t I stick to my Excel sheet? The answer is simple. Using a manual Excel sheet takes a lot more time. The algorithm behind our easy-to-use smart calculator can provide solutions to multiple distancing scenarios. For example: for a company with a thousand employees, it takes less than 5 minutes to calculate the office capacity and assign the available desks to employees.”

Completing your back to the office strategy

Are you looking into ways to make your office a safe place? We’re here to help you set a safe office capacity for all your buildings, worldwide. Next to that, our product Office Shifts can guide thousands of employees back to work safely. We are always happy to help you.

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