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Brand new booking integrations

Today, we're announcing a number of new integrations for our Meeting solution. These systems remain fully functional and serve as a data source to ensure optimal building efficiency. With the Mapiq Meeting solutions room booking - in any office - becomes easier, more efficient and simpler.

Philip Fels
by Philip Fels
Booking integrations with Condecco, Facilitor and Tririga
Our new booking integrations

The Mapiq Meeting solution supports employees with a simple interface for reserving conference rooms and other spaces within an office or shared workplace. We make sure that organizers and attendees have the necessary accommodations for important meetings, and at the same time, office managers maintain an accurate, up-to-date view of how company resources are being utilized. We integrate with the booking systems that are already implemented. In combination with an extra input, as sensor data, you can take your room-booking support to the next level.

This month we have the following new room-booking integrations.




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What’s new with Mapiq?

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What’s new with Mapiq?

We like to keep things fresh. Business needs and smart technology are constantly evolving. So do we. Sometimes they’re minor upgrades, and other times we introduce entirely new products, but they’re always user-centric. Check here every month for new highlights.

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Heatmaps: visualize your office occupancy

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Heatmaps: visualize your office occupancy

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