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New feature: Room Suggest

There is nothing sadder than an empty meeting room. The AV equipment waits to be connected, jugs of water go undrunk, the smart board sits untouched, the swivel chair is left unspun… it’s bereft of ideas—a wasted space. If only there were a way to match it with a team that’s looking for a last-minute room.

Jip Eilbracht
by Jip Eilbracht
Meeting room booking system
Mapiq Room Suggest will look for the gaps in the room calendars for you

Creating workplace harmony

Booked meeting rooms should never be empty and employees should never have to scramble to find a room for an ad hoc meeting. An unnecessary space search leads to frustration and reduces productivity. Meetings should generate energy, not drain resources. Technology can solve this.

Enter Mapiq Room Suggest, where employees and meeting rooms are perfectly matched. Just as e-commerce providers offer suggestions based on their customers’ unique preferences, our newest technology can match employees with their ideal meeting rooms.

Employees can always trust that there will be an available space for them to meet, even if they don’t book it far in advance. They are in control of when, where and who they meet. Room Suggest increases employee autonomy and productivity while reducing headaches and costs for management (employee complaints, the waste of space, energy of an empty room).

Employees can always trust that there will be an available space for them to meet.

Introducing Room Suggest

Room Suggest, our newest feature, focuses on helping employees make ad hoc room bookings. So, how does it work? Four standard filters in the Mapiq app help employees find meeting rooms based on time, day, meeting length and number of seats. If there is no perfect result, Room Suggest offers the best alternative.

Users don’t have to crawl through multiple calendars or check on actual occupancy of multiple rooms. They are instantly given a list of suggestions. The most suitable room is always listed at the top, and users can book the room directly. And if something changes at the last minute? The filters can always be adjusted and new results will be arranged in order of preference based on these criteria. Employees will notice the ease of use. Available rooms can be booked in seconds and a room is always just two taps away. Facilities managers will see a decrease in space standing empty. Not only do meeting rooms get used more, but employees stop preemptively booking space for meetings that haven’t been confirmed.

At Mapiq, we envision a work environment where every space is utilised, and the workday flows easily, without the frustration of having to find the ideal space to work. We also want to eliminate the practice of meeting just for the sake of a standing meeting. Meetings should be productive and energising.

Mapiq Room Suggest is part of the Mapiq Meetings Solution. This solution stimulates the new way of working where ad hoc meetings are the norm.

Room suggest
Employees can find meeting rooms by using four filters. If there is no perfect result, Room Suggest offers the best alternative

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