Sep 05, 2019 in Product

Meet our new heatmaps

Heatmaps visualize all busy points within the smart office in a quick glance. We improved this feature by integrating more realistic data to the algorithm which makes the heatmap not only more valuable for employees but also for facility managers.

Esmeé van Vliet
by Esmeé van Vliet
The new heatmap visualisation is all about space-available-per-person.

A better overview of the occupancy

Heatmaps are all about space-available-per-person. By analyzing the way employees move through the office, we’re able to give you a better overview of the occupancy. In this latest improvement, we applied information to the heatmap algorithm about the optimal square meters per person in an average office and the average number of devices a person carries around. This way, facility managers know if they are providing a suitable work environment for their workforce. Also, it gives employees a more precise occupancy impression. Together with facility managers of our clients, we’ll configure the optimal square-meters to person ratio. Our drawing algorithm will make sure that the areas turn red once there are too many employees for the space that’s available.

Why heatmaps?

Heatmaps help understand how office space is used. The occupancy heatmap is a feature that visualizes all busy areas within the office space. This information can be used to choose the best workplace for a specific task or to make the necessary office adjustments. The idea is simple, do you want to work in space bustling with activity? Then look for the orange areas and floors. Got a report to finish? Get a workplace in a quiet blue zone. Read more about heatmaps. 

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