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Heatmaps: visualize your office occupancy

Noise and crowded office spaces are common frustrations for many employees and can decrease productivity. The occupancy heatmap is a new feature that visualizes all busy points within the office space. This information can be used to make the necessary adjustments.

Anne Wernand
by Anne Wernand
Office heatmap that visualizes the occupancy
Office heatmap

New feature in town: the occupancy heatmap

The occupancy heatmap feature was developed by Mapiq and officially launched with two of our Dutch corporate clients in January 2018. Heatmapping is not new, the technology is already used for applications such as election polls or to demonstrate climate differences in geographical regions. However, occupancy heatmaps especially for office spaces are leading-edge technology and definitely something to be excited about! Through WiFi-data we are able to locate all connected devices and provide information about occupancy on office floors. Since WiFi-data does not show walking routes, popular workplaces or bottlenecks, we went a step further and created the heatmap. Anonymous employee data is collected (using a REST API) and visualized in API to our cloud-based platform. This data is used to create an easy-to-understand and colorful visualization of the office space.

Occupancy heatmaps especially for office spaces are leading edge technology and something to be excited about!

Get alternative insights of your office bottlenecks

Facility managers can make effective cross-link decisions about the workspace based on heatmap data and employee feedback. A major benefit besides its neat appearance is its quickness. The heatmap allows you to understand how a space is used at a glance. It shows how concentrations of people move through the building at a specific moment, or during a period in time. It provides the facility manager with insights on the main walking routes, busy corridors, and popular workplaces. This valuable input can help change overutilized spaces into new types of workspaces and decrease distractions for employees.

Is a heatmap useful for your smart office?

The heatmap feature is part of the Mapiq analytics module and can be installed on request. You have to decide if office heatmapping is useful for your organization. One thing is for sure, the functionality and neat appearance of the occupancy heatmap is a great addition to the existing range of smart office features. Together they contribute to a smart and productive office environment for forward-thinking companies.

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