Nov 14, 2018 in Product

Heatmaps: visualize your office occupancy

Noise and crowded office spaces are common frustrations for many employees and can decrease productivity. The occupancy heatmap is a new feature that visualizes all busy areas within the office space. This information can be used to choose the best workplace for a specific task or to make the necessary office adjustments.

Anne Wernand
by Anne Wernand
Office heatmap that visualizes the occupancy
Office heatmap

New feature in town: the occupancy heatmap

The occupancy heatmap feature was developed by Mapiq and officially launched with two of our Dutch corporate clients in Q1, 2018. Heatmap technology is already used for applications such as election polls or to demonstrate climate differences in geographical regions. However occupancy heatmaps especially for office spaces are leading edge technology and definitely something to be excited about! Through anonymous WIFI-data we are able to locate all connected devices on office floors. Instead of showing these devices separately in a map, we chose to group them in an easy-to-understand and colourful visualization that highlights busy and quiet areas.

Mapiq's perspective on heatmap user-experience

We believe that the heatmap feature fills an important gap in Mapiq’s users toolbox. We want our users to be able to find the perfect workplace. Rather than focusing on an individual desk or area, heatmaps communicate the general feel of the office crowdedness. The idea is simple, do you want to work in space bustling with activity? Then look for the orange areas and floors. Got a report to finish? Get a workplace in a quiet blue zone.

Get insights of your office bottlenecks

Facility managers can make effective cross-link decisions about the workspace based on heatmap data and employee feedback. A major benefit in addition to its neat appearance, is its quickness. The heatmap allows you to understand how a space is used at a glance. It shows how concentrations of people spread around the building at specific moments. The collected data is crunched into the Mapiq analytics dashboard and provides quantified statistics over time.

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