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Uniquely optimize your workspaces

Every smart office ecosystem is unique, which is why your organization deserves its own custom solutions. Our Tailored Services team can help you create custom features for your business while instituting in-depth integrations with the Mapiq app for even simpler, smarter workdays.

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Our services

Integrated features and
custom solutions

Our Tailored Services team can support you with a range of services. Whichever type of service you choose, a dedicated project manager will be assigned to you throughout the entire co-creation process. At Mapiq, we don’t recycle pieces of code: instead, we collaborate with your team to deliver custom solutions for your challenges.

Implementation services

Quick and easy add-ons

Application management (SSO configuration, advanced features)
Custom map creation, annotation, and design

Custom software solutions

In-depth workspace enhancements

Custom software & feature development
Hardware & software integrations
Project management
How it works

Our custom development process

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Through co-creation with real users, we find solutions to real problems. We listen to our customers at every step of the way and turn those learnings into actionable problem statements. Those ideas are then translated into tangible design concepts.


We break down a product vision into clear user stories, which our developers use to create high-quality software solutions. A dedicated Mapiq product owner will be assigned to your project and will update you throughout the process while keeping the considerations of end-users in mind.


Lastly, we continuously refine our understandings and optimize your solutions so that they meet the changing needs of your organization, your people, and the market as a whole.

Customer story

Custom initiatives to improve well-being at ENGIE

ENGIE always prioritizes employee well-being, and Mapiq was tasked with building solutions that would give workers the spaces and tools they need to succeed at work. By outlining the goals of the project and fostering a process of co-creation with ENGIE, we were able to help workers more easily find meeting spaces and desks, for a more seamless workday.

Increase in meeting
room usage
Increase in work desk

Streamlining workdays for global organizations

At Mapiq, we believe in connecting people more deeply to their workspaces and to each other. We work with a range of global enterprise organizations to help streamline their workdays and give them the power to manage and improve their facilities.

Frequently asked questions

What does ‘co-creation’ mean? Do I need to allocate my own resources?

Our most successful projects have happened when companies involve their own specialists in the creation process. That way, we can listen to you and gather your feedback every step of the way to make sure that our solutions match––or possibly exceed––your expectations.

What is off limit for tailored services?

More often than not, the best solution to a problem is not the one that comes more naturally to mind. The strengths of Mapiq are its ease of use and its ability to translate complex problems into simple user journeys. As a result, we don't make end-user applications (i.e., an extra app or portal for login) and would rather find ways to work together.

Do you have examples of projects benefiting from tailored services?

The possibilities are limitless, from custom 3D mapping of your buildings and catering automation to sensor integrations for enhanced workplace analytics. Do you want to alter the baseline behaviours of the Mapiq product to fit your company's rhythm? Our experts will materialize your dream solution.

Is Mapiq an evolving product? Will we see new features often?

With a strong vision at our core, we continuously invest in our product and R&D to further improve our solutions. New features and QoL patches are released on a bi-weekly basis. Curious about the future of Mapiq? Ask our team about our roadmap!

Can anybody benefit from tailored services?

Sadly, no. These services are exclusive to customers on our Enterprise plan. Do you require support on a very specific use case? You can always inquire with our smart office experts–we might have a solution for you.

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