Security and compliance

A leading solution that meets the highest security standards

With Mapiq technology, data can be harnessed to streamline your employees' workdays and help you make educated decisions regarding your facilities. Consequently, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when complying with privacy laws and information management security.

World map security compliance

Mapiq maintains complete privacy and security

Mapiq supports SSO, and is fully GDPR compliant and ISO certified, with our servers securely located in Western Europe.

Mapiq app on desktop

Our servers are hosted in Europe
and are GDPR compliant

You remain in control of all your data while we process them securely from our servers.

SSO with OAuth 2.0

We maintain complete security when dealing with the sensitivities of your users’ data and personal information.

ISO 27001 & 9001 certified

Our services are accredited by the highest technical security standards in the market.

Data & privacy

Our view on privacy

The goal of our Mapiq product is to give you a meaningful day at work. Processing personal data is part of that and should always serve your interests.

Anonymous data

Mapiq helps you understand your employees by collecting anonymous data to track occupancy and provide an understanding of how your spaces are used. For instance, if an employee books a desk or reserves a meeting room, only Admins can see by whom those spaces are occupied.

Employees can choose to share this data to:

Monitor occupancy rates
Optimize your spaces based on usage
Reduce carbon footprint

Personal data

At Mapiq, we believe in the power of connection. Our solution allows employees to easily collaborate with their teammates by sharing aspects of their personal information. This shared data includes their location in the office and their calendar—so that teammates can see when and where they'll be in the office.

Meet with their team at the office
Easily find their colleagues

Privacy matters

Anonymized data lets management learn more about the office, without tracking employee movements.

Give end-users a
sense of security

When employees control their personal data, they’re more likely to feel welcome in the workspace.

Build a workplace community

Whether people opt to share their data or not, you can use a variety of analytics to improve the employee experience.

With Mapiq, employees always have complete control over the personal data they share. To maintain their privacy, employees can opt out of any feature they like.

Your data

The end user
is in control

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Security standards

Mapiq is at the forefront of cybersecurity

Technical and organizational security is essential to keeping your data secure. Mapiq is an ISO-27001 certified company. This is an international standard of information security. It defines the technical and organizational measures that businesses should implement to ensure security throughout all processes: from hiring to software development and hosting services.

Although the ISO standard is broader than the few examples we can provide here, we take the following measures to care for your data:

Encrypted all-the-way

We use encryption for all our databases and internet communication.

Regular security updates

We always have our systems updated to include the latest security patches.


We have an external auditor audit our information security standards yearly.

Regular backups

We have backup-and-restore systems in place that are regularly tested.

DTAP development cycle

We automate our software deployment process and infrastructure by following DTAP principles while applying vulnerability scans to reduce human error.

Penetration testing

We perform regular penetration testing: ethical hackers aim to find flaws by trying to hack into our systems.

Frequently asked questions

Does Mapiq have any ownership over my data?

Mapiq has no ownership over your data and never sells or shares your data. Data collected from your account is either owned by your organization or is owned by you. Please consult your company or organization if you have any questions about how your data is collected by using Mapiq.

Can I delete my personal data hosted on Mapiq?

Mapiq processes personal data on behalf of your organization, which has undertaken a subscription to Mapiq. The best starting point for such a request would be your own organization’s service desk or privacy officer, in order to streamline communications.