Let your employees find the best place to work with office floor plans

Let your employees find the best place to work with office floor plans

Let your employees find the best place to work with office floor plans

A flexible workplace that enables employees to find the best place to work in your office can drive job satisfaction and business growth. Having a clear office floor plan in place is the way to transform your office. With Mapiq's smart office technology solution, you can build the most productive and safe workplace for your team. Sparkle collaboration by letting your employees know where their colleagues are located in real-time.

How office floor plans work

Mapiq's office floor plans are designed to make office navigation easy for your employees. By turning your floor plan into an interactive 3D map, your employees will be able to find available workplaces and colleagues while having up-to-date information on daily company events and activities.

The benefits of office floor plans

Manage your office capacity effortlessly

Managing your office capacity can be a quick and efficient task. Based on your office floor plan, Mapiq's office capacity calculator will be able to provide you with optimum office capacity scenarios. Next to that, you could determine how many employees are safe to use the office on any given day.

Minimize building costs

Uncovering how your employees use your office can significantly reduce your building's and office's costs. Based on your office floor plans, Mapiq's occupancy insights can show you which of your office areas are heavily used and which are underused. This way, you will increase efficiency by modifying your office or building floor plans to serve your employees' needs better.

Reduce time spent searching for a desk

Searching for a desk can be daunting for employees and work colleagues. However, with Mapiq's office floor plans you can reduce the time spent looking for a desk. Your employees will be able to book their find the best place to work and socialize with colleagues or work in teams in seconds.

Increase employee job satisfaction

Employees that can find the best place to workplace in your office using floor plans they tend to be more productive. When employees are more productive and feel a sense of belonging, they tend to experience increased job satisfaction. As a result, satisfied and productive employees can create a resilient, positive, long-lasting company culture.

Build a flexible workplace with smart office technology

Increase office efficiency

Most employees expect to split their working time between the office and home, even after the pandemic is over. This means that adopting flexible working practices can make your office way more efficient and productive. Flexible working needs to be supported by a flexible workplace where employees can easily find the best workplace.

Reduce real-estate costs

Managing your real-estate portfolio can be tricky, especially if you don't have a clear overview of how your buildings are used. Using smart technology, though, it is easier to understand and further utilize your portfolio. Mapiq smart office solutions can provide you with valuable occupancy insights that will help you figure out how which areas of your buildings are underused.

Improve employee well-being

Your employees deserve a great place to work in your office. Providing them with the necessary tools to be productive and socialize with their work colleagues can significantly improve their well-being. Using smart office technology can make your employees happier, healthier, and more productive while making your office the best place to work.

Get ready for the next chapter of work

Get ready for the next chapter of work

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