Mapiq's Office Shifts

Mapiq's Office Shifts

Mapiq's Office Shifts

Reopen your office doors

Ever since the pandemic appeared, business leaders worldwide have been figuring out how to safely guide people back to the office. The fear of having too many people in a building that can't keep enough distance has kept many of us awake. So how can you coordinate this in a safe and easy way?

To guide you through the challenge of reopening your office doors, we collected the best practices for you to learn from. Experts, customers, data scientists and workplace strategists shared their experience.

With Office Shifts you can coordinate a safe return to the office for your employees.

Back to normal in 4 easy steps

Mapiq’s Office Shifts enables large organizations to reopen their offices again, by coordinating who can come in when, and where. You stay flexible and minimize manual work while welcoming people back in. And  when regulations change, you can easily adjust your approach.

1. Calculate your office capacity

Nothing is currently more important than the safety of your employees. The key to ensuring your employees’ safety is to guarantee workplaces on a safe distance from each other. In most cases, the required distancing recommended for workplace safety is at least 1.5 meters.

2. Add your buildings

When certain days per week are assigned to work in the office, employees may lose their freedom and sense of autonomy. Especially now that it is harder to check in with one another, this can negatively impact your employees’ well-being.

3. Define priority groups

Collaboration and the ability to fuel creativity is crucial for businesses to be successful. Employees spend a lot of time working remotely. Thereby, they come to the office individually, without knowing if anyone will be there.

4. Let employees book shifts

Neither you or your employees want to complete loads of paperwork and manage endless Excel files to allow people back in. As schedules can change frequently, manual processes quickly become a time-consuming and cumbersome way to manage your office capacity.

Using Office Shifts your employees can book their work shifts in seconds.

Evaluate your strategy

To stay on top of the game, Mapiq provides you access to your own analytics dashboard. By analyzing booking behavior, you can evaluate your back to the office strategy. If anything should change, you have the data to base the your decisions on right here.

Office shifts booked
With Mapiq's analytics dashboard can help you evaluate your strategy

Go beyond desk reservation tools

If you're looking for a solution that truly brings your teams back in the game, you need to look further than just a desk reservation tool. COVID-19 gave you the opportunity to rethink your workplace strategy. And to get your people back in, you have to grab that chance.

Mapiq is more than just a booking-app. It's the beginning of the next chapter of work. While safely guiding your employees back to the office, we offer the best workplace experience possible. And by analyzing booking behavior and occupancy rates, you stay on top of employee needs for a future-proof workplace strategy.

Boost workplace well-being

Giving people the freedom to decide where and how they want to work increases their well-being. Besides enabling employees to come to the office when they want to, Mapiq also let's them control their work environment. For each activity, people can easily choose and find their preferred type of workspace. And if you want to go all the way, you can even let them control light and temperature.

Reunite your teams

To bring that magic back into your office, teams can align their office shifts. Mapiq's social connections feature shows who's going to be at the office on which days. Facilitating teamwork will boost collaboration and brings creativity back into the workplace.

Get ready for the next chapter of work

With workplace analytics at hand, you will understand how people use your office. You can keep on optimizing the workplace and anticipate new changes. You can now truly embrace an agile working concept. Enable employees to come to the office on their preferred days. Give employees the freedom to work flexibly and autonomously. Bring people together again and increase their well-being.

Learn from our customers

Mapiq customers

Organizations worldwide have started using Mapiq to prepare the return to their offices. Curious to their experience so far?

"Mapiq has proven to be truly valuable in helping our people embrace smart office technology in their daily lives."

Start your free trial

Be prepared and ready to tackle the next unknown challenge with Mapiq's Office Shifts. There's only one thing you have to do: start now. By giving you the opportunity to use Office Shifts free of charge, we help you be fully prepared for the right moment to reopen your doors. This gives you the opportunity to test and set the stage for when the employees are getting back to the office. During the trial, we will help you make smart and strategic choices through a number of sessions. We will help you set up the tool in the right way and provide all the onboarding material you need to make a safe return to the office possible.

Reversing the challenges of today’s workplace‍

The global influence of hybrid working is inevitable. As more employees work from home, the question of how to use a physical office space becomes crucial. It is essential to have a solution that organizes who is coming to the office, when they are coming, and where they can work. Desk booking is that solution.

Cut costs in a good way
Save costs
Hybrid working
Enable hybrid working
Be prepared for future changes
Increase workplace efficiency

The first 1000 shifts are on us.

The first 1000 shifts are on us.

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