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Vecos is market leader in the field of smart locker solutions. The company stands for innovation, decisiveness and quality. Innovative locker systems are developed and manufactured within The Netherlands using exclusively A-quality components. The company cooperates with multiple partners to realize smart building projects ranging from commercial real-estate to universities, sports facilities and hospitals.

Vecos lockers
Vecos lockers

About Vecos

The increased number of activity-based work environments in recent years has resulted in a multitude of flexible workplaces and so called hot-desks. Today, employees are able to work whenever, wherever they want and most do not have private desks or offices anymore. In order to support this environment it became a necessity for employees to gain access to facilities to store their personal belongings. As a result, the usage of smart lockers in organizations has strongly increased. Vecos and Mapiq collaborate to meet this demand.

The usage of smart lockers in organizations has strongly increased

How it works

Vecos smart locker system is connected with the Mapiq platform through the Mapiq API. Mapiq shows the location and real-time availability of smart lockers in the interactive 3D map of the office building. Additionally employees are able to control the smart lockers by opening, closing and releasing them through Mapiq on their devices. Because of the integration between Vecos and Mapiq the usage of smart lockers became more efficient.

The integration with Vecos made it possible to offer a range of solutions to our clients, such as:

  • Easy smart locker location using an interactive 3D map of the building. Control smart lockers through personal devices (no key or lock needed).

  • Real-time locker data is visualized in the Analytics dashboard.

  • Enables organizations to comply to the needs of an activity-based working environment while enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction.

"The cooperation between Mapiq and Vecos is excellent. Mapiq’s innovative and decisive character is similar to that of Vecos. Both companies have a shared vision about market and technological developments and we complement each other in many ways"

- Bram Kuipers, managing director of Vecos

The partnership between Vecos and Mapiq has resulted in the successful completion of international smart building projects for companies such as: 
EDGE Technologies, KONE, KPN, PWC and IA.

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