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bGrid is a Dutch company that develops and markets smart building products that use state-of-the-art communications technology and Internet of Things innovations. The company cooperates with a range of international partners to realize smart building projects for commercial real estate, universities, airports, hospitals and laboratories.

Bgrid's sensor
bGrid offers a complete sensor network, including iBeacons for location services

About bGrid

Newly built and renovated buildings are often equipped with sensors from a variety of different hardware suppliers. Coming from different origins, the inability for them to communicate drives up hardware costs, and makes it difficult to visualize data from all systems collectively — a wasted opportunity. bGrid changes by offering a complete sensor network, including iBeacons for location services. Combined with the Mapiq platform, we can offer complete smart building solutions that give end-users a unique office experience.

The stand-alone bGrid sensor

How it works

bGrid connects to Mapiq through an API. While bGrid provides brought building data through their extensive sensor network, Mapiq functions as a platform between the data and the client’s IT systems, such as Building Management, lightning and room booking systems. By connecting to bGrid’s comprehensive sensor network, Mapiq can then analyze and visualize the collected data, presenting it clearly via the platform.

The integration with bGrid makes it possible to offer a range of solutions such as:

  • Workplace utilization data helps users locate available desks.

  • Combining utilization data with booking data to reduce no-shows.

  • Users can accurately share their location making it possible to quickly collaborate with co-workers and teams.

  • Combining utilization and booking data for in-depth analytics.

  • Extensive knowledge and experience about localization solutions.

The partnership between Mapiq and bGrid has resulted in the successful completion of many international smart building projects for companies such as: Microsoft, EDGE Technologies, Unilever, Ernst & Young, Coca-Cola and TBI.

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