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--- ON PAGE 1

Action (for by Team template): https://go.mapiq.com/l/949332/2022-06-05/ct6mqw

Action (for by Use Case template): https://go.mapiq.com/l/949332/2022-06-05/ct6mqs


[Form element x1]

Add Attribute

Name: magic-autofill-element

Value: item

[Form input x3]

Add Attribute

Name: magic-autofill-text

Value: Email

Add Attribute

Name: magic-autofill-submit

Value: true

Add Attribute

Name: magic-autofill-attribute

Value: value

[Button x1]

Add Attribute

Name: magic-autofill-element

Value: link

Add code to BOTH form page Step 1 AND Step 2 page

<!-- validate email field --><script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/FlowGurus/webflow-magic@1/src/email-filter.min.js"></script><script>  new WebflowMagic_EmailFilter({ BLACKLISTED_DOMAINS: 'gmail.com|yahoo.com|hotmail.com' });</script><script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/FlowGurus/webflow-magic@1/src/auto-fill.min.js"></script><script>  new WebflowMagic_AutoFill({HIDE_QUERY_PARAMS: true});</script>

--- ON PAGE 2

Email field Name = Email

[Form x1]

Add Attribute

Name: magic-autofill-element

Value: form