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Welcome to the Mapiq helpcenter. Here you can find all the answers to your questions concerning the use of Mapiq. Get started using our PDF guides, watch some video tutorials or find more specific answers in our FAQ. Mapiq helpcenter offers a treasure trove of information, so you should be able to find the answers you are looking for. To avoid confusion, make sure you are aware of the features that are enabled in your building.

Getting started guides

We have composed a number of downloadable guides for you to kickstart your Mapiq experience. Take these guides with you anywhere, read them on the train or in the park, offline or online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in and setting up Mapiq

How do I install Mapiq on my phone?

Mapiq can be accessed via any internet browser. You do not have to install anything. To make access to Mapiq easier, we recommend placing a link to your company's Mapiq on your homescreen.

How do I place a Mapiq icon on my homescreen?

This depends on the operating system and browser you are on. When using Safari on iOS, tap the share button at the bottom of your browser. Select "add to homescreen" when the pop-up appears. When using Android, press the menu button in your navigation bar. An option to place a link on your homescreen will appear in the dropdown menu.

How do I get to Mapiq?

Point your browser to your company's mapiq URL. This will be something along the lines of "" or "".

How do I log in?

We use your company's Single Sign On credentials to let you sign in to Mapiq. There is no need to make a new account. Just use your company's credentials and we will let you in.

I lost my password, what do I do?

Mapiq cannot retreive passwords for you, so you will have to follow the procedure of your Single Sign On (SSO) provider to retrieve or reset your password.

I can't log in, what is wrong?

Firstly, make sure that your credentials (username and password) are correct. Then verify whether you need to add pre- or suffixes such as your email domain (for example '') to your username. If this does not solve the problem, it is wise to contact your IT department to ask for the status of your SSO services. If all else fails, send us an email and inform us about your problem. We will do a final check to see whether the Mapiq service is up and running correctly, and get back to you.

How do I use the 3D map?

On the left hand side of the map you will see a column of numbers. These represent the floors of the building included in Mapiq. Click on a number to show the specific floor in Mapiq. You will see the 3D model switching to that floor. You can move the map with the left mouse button. Click anywhere on the map and hold down the left mouse button. The map moves with the cursor. You can rotate the map with the right mouse button. Right-click anywhere in the map and hold down. The map rotates with the cursor. You can zoom in and out in the map with the scroll wheel of the mouse. You will see that when you zoom in, more details are shown on the map. When you have a touch screen, you can also perform the above interactions by sliding with one finger or zooming or twisting with two fingers (this is also called a pinch zoom). When you click on a space or icon in the map, details about this location are displayed in the menu on the right hand side. You can deselect these details by clicking on an empty space in the map, or by clicking the back button at the top of the information panel.

Why does the Mapiq app not show me a 3D map?

Browsers on your mobile phone do not support heavy 3D visualisations, therefore we opted for a lighter 2D map to use on your phone. This map is less complex and easier to search through on your phone.

Booking rooms

How do I book a room?

You can select "Book a room" in the main menu. An overview of the available rooms with the current reservations will be displayed. Drag the start and end time to the desired time and choose to confirm. Alternatively, if you already know which room you want to reserve, you can click on the room in Mapiq and choose from the menu on the right hand side to start your booking. Mapiq links with Microsoft Exchange, which means the room reservation will also show up in your own Outlook calendar, as well as in the calendar of that specific room. When you delete a booking with Mapiq, it will also be removed directly from your own calendar.

How can I remove a booking?

After you have booked a room, you can remove the reservation at the top of the menu under "Your Info". When you click on the reservation you want to remove, you will see a trash can icon that allows you to delete the reservation.

Why can I not book a certain room?

Firstly, you must be logged in to reserve a room. Secondly, you must be entitled to reserve the room you are trying to reserve. Lastly, your employer has set a number of rules regarding the minimum and maximum duration of a reservation. This also concerns the amount of reservations you can make and how far in advance you can book a room.

How can I see my bookings?

Under the "Your Info" tab in the main menu you will be able to find your reservations for the near future.

Is there a projector or other equipment available in the room I have booked?

When selecting a room to book, you can click the "Description" heading to see if there are any facilities available in the room.

Can I see who has booked the room before me?

This is determined by your employer. However, you cannot see any contact information of the person who has booked a room prior to your reservation via Mapiq. If you want to contact someone about his or her reservation, please do so in person.

Why can I book a room only a few days in advance?

Your employer determines how far in advance your room can be booked.

How do I find a bookable space?

In the "Book a Room" menu item, you can find spaces to book by time slot. You can indicate the desired time slot, so that Mapiq can find an available room for you. Click on "Book" to reserve your room. Alternatively, you can browse rooms manually from the main menu. Click on the "find a meeting room" menu item and search for a room that suits your needs. Once you have chosen a room, you can book it by clicking on it. The detailed view of the room will open up and you can use the time slot marker to indicate your preferred time.

Finding a workplace

How do I find a free workplace?

In the main menu you can find available workspaces under the heading "Find a Workplace". When you click on the relevant room you will see how many places are still available.

How do I find a free computer?

In the main menu you can find free computers under the heading "Find a workplace". Computer workplaces will be indicated with a corresponding icon in the search results.

How do I find my way to my chosen workplace?

Click on the space you want to find in the 3D map. The menu will display detailed information about the room and the reservation options. Scroll down and click on "Show the route to ...". In the map you will see the route that you need to walk to reach your destination.

Finding your colleagues

How can I see where I am?

When you are checked in, you can see your current location in the "Your Info" tab.

How can I see where my colleagues are?

In the "People" tab at the top of the menu, you can search for colleagues by typing a name in the search bar. Mapiq will attempt to pinpoint their location. All colleagues who are checked in appear in the "People" tab. When you click on a person, his or her workplace lights up in the map. When browsing through the building in the 3D map, checked in people will also be shown on the map.

How can I see who is present in the building?

Click on the "People" tab to load a list of all your colleagues who are checked in inside the building. When you click on a room, you can see whoever has checked in on that location.

When I have checked in, when does Mapiq log me out?

Mapiq will automatically check you out at the end of your day! You can also log out yourself by clicking the "Log out" button in the "Your info" tab.

The app does not display my location, is something wrong?

You probably did not enable the localisation services. You can enable this in the "Your info" tab in Mapiq. Once enabled, Mapiq will display the location where you have checked in.


How do I control an AV-screen using Mapiq?

You can use Mapiq to control the AV screens in your building. The locations that contain a Mapiq-compatible screen will show a card titled "Audio/Video controls" in the menu on the right hand side. You can access the screen in two ways. First of all, when you have reached the Mapiq app by scanning the NFC / QR tag in the screen area, you have also been given permission to operate the screen and get started right away. If that is not the case, you will see a message saying you do not have a "control ticket" for the screen. You can then enter the five-character code which is on the tag, to operate the screen. This mechanism is used to prevent accidental screening in a room where you are not present.

How can I see if there is a free locker?

If your building has Vecos lockers, this will be indicated in the menu on the right hand side. The number of free lockers per floor will be indicated with a gauge.