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End User License Agreement Mapiq Parking

Last updated: 01-07-2021

This is an end user license agreement (EULA), between You and Us, regarding the use of Our Apps.


In this EULA We use words which start with a capital letter. Those words have the meaning asset out in this paragraph.

  • App:  An app made by Us, available through either the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or the Windows Store or via the web application. 
  • EULA:  This document.
  • Employer: Your employer, who has purchased a Mapiq subscription and entitles you to use Mapiq. In some cases, the party who lets You use Mapiq might not literally be your employer. In that case, Employer should be interpreted as the subscription holder of the Mapiq subscription you will be using. 
  • Mapiq: Our service, that helps people to work smarter and use office space more efficiently. 
  • You: You, as user of an App (including Your).
  • We: The Dutch limited liability company Mapiq B.V. (including Us and Our). 

How this EULA is structured

We like software and apps We immediately understand. That is why We have opted for a EULA in the shape and form of frequently asked questions, in order to make the EULA readable and understandable. In case You still have questions after reading, You can contact Us at support@mapiq.com. We will gladly answer Your questions. 

What sort of license do We grant You?

We grant You the right to use the App for the intended use. Easy. Nothing more and nothing less. 

However, You can only use that App in case You have a valid Mapiq account. That means that your Employer has a subscription to Our services. The license to use the App is granted perpetually, until We revoke the App or You install a new version of the App (for which a new EULA may apply). Please note that You are not allowed to resell or reverse-engineer the App or any part of it. Furthermore, the intellectual property rights of the App will solely remain with Us. 

What sort of guarantee can We give You regarding the app?

We do our best to deliver excellent Apps and services. However, We are also human, and mistakes can be made. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our Apps are free of bugs and/or errors. However, we are in a continuous process of fixing errors and improving functionality. In case We release a new version of an App, the new version can be downloaded and installed via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or the Windows Store. 

Most of Our Apps rely on connectivity with Our servers and/or servers of Your Employer. We cannot guarantee that these connections will always work or are free of interruptions. However, we strive to give You maximum availability of the functionality of the Apps. 

In some cases, Your Employer will have a service level agreement with Us. In those cases, We cannot guarantee You more, than we agreed upon with Your Employer. 

Are We liable in case of shortcomings?

We are not directly liable for damages You incur by using an App, unless Your damage is due to willful intent or conscious recklessness of the top-level management of Our company. However, in case we entered into an agreement with Your Employer, We might be liable for damages incurred by Your Employer in case of an attributable shortcoming on our side. 

Can We change this EULA unilaterally?

We can change this EULA unilaterally. However, in case of a detrimental change for You, We will notify You within a reasonable amount of time, so You can remove the App in case You don’t agree with the new EULA.

Which personal data do We process and what do We do with Your personal data?

The data that We process of You are: 

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your license plate

In the agreement We entered into with Your Employer, we also agreed upon a data processing agreement.   

Where do We store Your personal data?

We will take good care of Your personal data. We send all Your data via an encrypted connection. We store Your personal data on Our servers in the Netherlands and at Microsoft Ireland. We will never store Your personal data outside of the European Union (E.U.) or European Economic Area (E.E.A.). 

How long do We store Your Personal data?

We never store Your personal data longer than necessary. Your reservation data will be removed 24 hours after the reservation’s end time. Other personal user data is deleted after Your Employer cancels her subscription. Analytics data is anonymous data and may be kept for a longer period of time. 


Can You request Us to change, modify, see Your personal data?

In case You would like to see what data we process of You, You can send a request to privacy@mapiq.com. After that You can request Us to modify and or change Your personal data in case it is still being processed by that time. 


Where can I turn to for claims and disputes?

We advise you to contact Your Employer, if You are concerned about product claims, legal claims, copyright issues, privacy issues or other disputes. Your Employer can contact us via support@mapiq.com


Are there any other parties involved in the EULA?

In principle this EULA is an agreement between You and Us. Depending on the specific operating system or platform You are using Our software on, however, other parties may be beneficiaries to this agreement. For example, such is the case with Apple and its subsidiaries when You run the App on Your iPhone or iPad. 


Which law applies?

The laws of the Netherlands govern this EULA. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply.