Teamwork makes the dream work

Employees who work together, grow together. Whether it’s solving complex problems, building better relationships, or feeling part of a team, it’s well known that a sense of belonging improves well-being at work. It’s so important that 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as crucial for business success.
Bring people together
Help teams be more productive
Support ad-hoc meetings

Build a tight-knit team

Let employees pick the in-office days that work best for them and their team. It’s as easy as opening the app, seeing which days are available, and booking a workspace.

Foster connections among colleagues and bring your people together. Mapiq lets teams align their office shifts to boost collaboration in the workplace.

Book the perfect meeting room

Find gaps in meeting room schedules across your building. Mapiq will automatically show you which rooms are available during your teams desired meeting time.

Need a smart board? A projector? No problem. Mapiq lets you see the equipment in every meeting room, for an effective team meeting.

Make ad-hoc meetings easy

Creative ideas can strike at any time. And when they do, you want to make sure your people have a space to pursue them.

Employees can see at a glance which rooms are open, and which amenities they have.

Location tracking means employees can easily see where their teammates are in the building. When they can find their team, they’ll be able to quickly take action when a new challenge arises.

Create space that works for your people

See how employees use the office. Occupancy insights show you how many people gather in certain areas and let you see trends in space usage.

Use the data you gather on workplace usage and match employee needs. With Mapiq, you can proactively make changes to your space that help employees feel well and perform great.

Build a resilient team

Reduce employee turnover

When employees connect, they feel happier and healthier.

Let creativity fly

Support flexibility and encourage spontaneity in every office.

Create a community

Let employees choose how they do their best work.

Bas Schellekens
Sales Executive
Your building can do so much more than be a place to work.
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