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In response to the urgency of climate change, the ambition of ENGIE is to become the world leader in the zero-carbon transition ‘as a service’. ENGIE understands that in order to be truly sustainable, you need to involve your employees. One of their core values is ‘drive’, which contains continually seeking efficiency and innovation. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that their office in the Netherlands is a great example of that. Together with Mapiq, ENGIE is working towards more vital and efficient buildings all around the world, while involving employees in this mission.

The ambition of ENGIE is to become the world leader in the zero-carbon transition ‘as a service’
Total office space

Total office space

7021 m²

Hot desks

Hot desks






In the future, we have to use our buildings and offices in the most effective manner. It doesn’t matter how energy efficient offices are, if they are not used in a suitable way, they never accomplish the results we’re aiming for. ENGIE and Mapiq are making the first step towards helping employees use and share their office space efficiently.

"The interface of Mapiq looks great, it really makes it a lot easier to book meeting rooms for ad hoc meetings."

Mapiq user at ENGIE

First, activity-based working

At the moment, employees at ENGIE are exploring activity-based working. 35% of the employees at ENGIE don’t have fixed desks and those employees can choose between different types of workplaces based on their activity. Also, with new focus areas where employees can work undisrupted, a day at work becomes more efficient and spaces can be shared naturally.

Mapiq helps ENGIE with the challenge to find available workplaces and book meeting rooms for ad hoc meetings

Challenges faced by ENGIE

The first step towards sharing in harmony was challenging. Flexible workplaces and different types of meeting rooms is for a lot of employees at ENGIE a plus. We saw two main challenges. The first one was finding available meeting rooms for ad hoc meetings. The second one was the search for free workplaces, because of the lack of insight. So, the search for an available workplace could take up more time than necessary.

Making it happen!

ENGIE chose Mapiq to help them achieve their goals. We integrated meeting room and workplace finding solutions, by placing 79 bGrid sensors throughout the building and integrating our platform with Exchange Flex. A brand-new 3D map of the building made it easy for employees to see which workplaces are free. Also, all data is visualized in the Analytics dashboard. This provides real-time information about office occupancy, peak hours and popular workspaces.

Mapiq helps employees find available workplaces in an interactive 3D map of the office building


The implementation of Mapiq has resulted in:

  • 39% increase in meeting room usage
  • 30% increase in desk usage
  • 39% decrease in the effort of finding an ad hoc meeting room, with a reliability factor of more than 99%
  • 100% adoption rate

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