AkzoNobel building

AkzoNobel Center Amsterdam

AkzoNobel wanted to create a global hub where all employees could easily connect and collaborate. Mapiq helps AkzoNobel since 2015 by creating a digital infrastructure to make this possible.

The AkzoNobel Center is situated in Amsterdam’s business district "de Zuidas"

Increase in usable space



Digitized office space



Active sensors


A building characterized by transparency

The Dutch multinational AkzoNobel is active in the field of paints and coatings. The company is headquartered in the AkzoNobel Center, a 10-story office building characterized by transparency. It was AkzoNobel’s first smart building in The Netherlands and enhances agile and digital working.

The building is equipped with different types of flexible workplaces

Challenges faced by AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel developed their new head office with the objective to create a global meeting hub and to decrease its m2 footprint. An agile office environment including teamwork spaces, flexible office hours and hot desks. Employees from all over the world visit the building on a daily basis and need to be able to connect and collaborate effortlessly. The overall number of employees that use the building varies strongly every day. In order to use the building most efficiently, it is crucial for AkzoNobel to understand exactly how the building is used.

Employees from around the world meet in this 10-story smart office building

Thanks to Mapiq, the building is a technological advanced workspace that enhances cooperation between people.

Peter de Haan, Site Director AkzoNobel

Making it happen!

Together with our partner Ricoh we developed a plan to support AkzoNobel in achieving their objectives. To ensure all employees could have effortless workdays, we implemented the Mapiq platform and connected it to the existing building management system including room sensors. Because this system was already in place, no additional hardware had to be installed. The sensors function as a data source for the room booking system and for the analytics dashboard, which provides the facilities team with in-depth occupancy insights.

All floors are equipped with meeting center displays, that show the building in an interactive 3D map. By accessing this map, users can quickly understand what is happening in the building and are able to find available workspaces and other facilities. Light, blinds and temperature switches are non-existent, and everything in the meeting rooms is controlled using personal devices.

All floors are equipped with meeting center displays, which make it easy to find available workspaces


Thanks to Mapiq, the AkzoNobel Center is a place where people from all over the world love to work. The platform allows users to:

  • Have access to a complete interactive overview of the office building
  • Find available workspaces and their way through the building easily
  • Facility managers have access to accurate building insights and can make data driven decisions
  • Meeting room sensors detect no-shows, and create an additional 25% usable workspace.

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