6 ways smart offices help Change Managers accelerate change

Find out the 6 ways smart offices help Change Managers accelerate change and prepare for the future of work

Effective change can only be accomplished through the people who work at your business. At the same time, these people will only contribute to creating change if they feel motivated and inspired to do so. Discover how you can create a future-proof workspace that motivates your employees to proactively seek out change.

1. Create an exciting environment for your employees

Change Managers can accelerate change by creating a state-of-the-art office that sparks excitement. This will leave your employees feeling inspired and motivated to go through that extra effort of creating such a positive experience for your customers as well.

2. Increasing employee innovativeness

Have you ever been to a hybrid meeting that lacked the right equipment? Or one that was scheduled on the day you planned on visiting clients or doing some deeply focused work? Maybe you have even ended up in the company cafeteria to have the meeting there? If so, you know that badly timed and badly arranged meetings can have a very negative effect.

Now imagine a meeting that is scheduled on a day that all attendees have indicated they preferred coming to the office. The room perfectly meets the goal of the meeting and all equipment that is needed is present and tested.

In the second scenario, your employees will have a better overall learning experience, resulting in the outcomes that the meeting was scheduled for in the first place. Our hybrid meeting solution can make it far easier to create the second scenario.

3. Better team collaborations lead to more innovation

The most significant innovation is established through team efforts. Chief People Officer Fran Katsoudas, 2019 at Cisco puts it simply: “Think about it: your experience at work is a lot about your team. The biggest breakthroughs you have happen on teams. That’s why we decided to really go big on teams.”

The strategy of the IT company seems to pay off: 98% of their employees say the company is a great place to work and they are even certified as the World’s Best Workplace™.

At Mapiq we are all about improving team collaboration. That’s why our smart office platform enables all employees to effectively organize an ad-hoc and hybrid meeting with a colleague whenever they need to.

"Mapiq enables our employees to work smarter by helping them easily find free meeting rooms ad-hoc, without the need to make reservations upfront."
Jan Dhaenens, Change Management Lead Collaborative Workplace at Proximus

4. Measuring and testing

Change fatigue is one of the top reasons that change initiatives fail. That’s why you need to choose wisely, which smart office innovations you want to implement business-wide and which need some adjustments or further testing first. Base that decision on hard data rather than opinions.

With the Mapiq dashboards, you will have real-time insight into:

  • What type of rooms are the most popular
  • Which meeting room capacities are used most
  • What parts of your building are used most.

An essential first step for any change is creating a sense of urgency within all stakeholders. Accurate data and insights allow you to accomplish exactly that.

Kotters 8-step transformation process
Creating a sense of urgency is the first step to accomplishing change. In business, you can only create this sense of urgency with data. Example: Kotter Change Model.

5. Preparing for future change

Successful Change Managers are always working on making the company more adaptable to future change. When global events like COVID-19 happen you play an important role in establishing quick and effective organizational changes. With smart office technologies, like Mapiq’s Office Shifts, you can prepare your entire organization for big shifts in the future.

Do you want to make your workspace an inspiration for other businesses around the globe? The globally recognized Leed and WELL certificates are a good source of inspiration. Take a look at our work for Danone and Unilever to discover more.

6. Create a state-of-the-art office

If you want your employees to be innovative, you need to create an environment that inspires them to do so. Creating an inspirational workplace that generates a feeling that anything is possible, is one of the most effective ways to do so. It's time for Change Managers around the world to transform their offices into inspiring, effective drivers of innovation.